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We are pleased to have you as a new customer and would like to help you find your way when travelling by bus in our region. You can reach all larger locations well by public transport.

You will find some important information for travelling with RVM buses on this site.

Have a pleasant journey. Yours, the RVM


How do I get to my destination? And when does the bus go? There are lots of bus lines in our region. You can get almost everywhere. You can easily find timetable/schedule information on the RVM website:

To timetable information

You can switch the route planner language to English by clicking on the little flag on top of the page.

At the bus stop

You can recognise all bus stops from a sign with a green "H". You can get on or get off here. You will find information about which lines stop there and a timetable/schedule at every bus stop.

Timetable at the bus stop

The times from Mondays – Fridays, and on Saturdays and Sundays are different. Please get on the bus at the front by the driver and get off at the rear door.


Information about our tickets How much a journey costs depends on how far and how often you travel and at which time of day you begin your journey. Children under the age of 6 travel free of charge when accompanied by anadult. There are KinderTickets for children aged 6 to 14 inclusive. You can buy almost all tickets directly from the bus driver when getting on the bus. Please have your change ready.

You don't travel regularly by bus or train? Then we recommend the following tickets:

The EinzelTicket is worth it if you only make one journey a day. Return journeys and tours are thus not possible.

Further information in German

The 4erTicket is flexible. You buy 4 journeys that you can use when you want. (Example: 4 journeys for 1 person or 2 journeys for 2 people). You save around 15% compared to an EinzelTicket.
You have to validate the 4erTicket on the edges before each journey. There are two fields for validation on the front on two fields on the back.

Further information in German

There are cheap season tickets for everyone who travels often.
If you frequently travel by bus, you should decide on a weekly or monthly ticket. These season tickets are available for adults, school students or apprentices.

With the WochenTicket you can travel for one entire week, from Monday until the following Monday at 3 am. The WochenTicket is valid for as many journeys as you want in the relevant zones and is transferrable.

Further information in German

Buy once and travel for one month. You can travel as often as you want from the first day of the month until the first working day of the following month in the relevant zones with the MonatsTicket. If you don't want to travel yourself, you can give the ticket to someone else, it is transferrable.

Further information in German

With the 9 Uhr MonatsTicket you can travel from Mondays to Fridays from 9 am, and earlier at weekends and on public holidays. It is valid from the first day of the month until the first working day of the following month for as many journeys as you want in the relevant zones. You can give the ticket to someone else, it is transferrable.

Further information in German

Tip: you will get a 20% discount if you take out a subscription (Order form in German).

People up to the age of 20 can use the FunTicket in their free time. It is valid for one month on school days from 2 pm, and for the whole day at weekends, on public holidays and during the school holidays. There are FunTickets for a town/municipality or for the region.
You cannot travel to or from school or to and from your workplace, apprenticeship or internship location with the FunTicket.
The FunTicket is a personal ticket, passing it on to someone else is not allowed.

Tip: the FunTicket is also available for a cheap subscription: (Order form in German).

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Are you a school student or apprentice?
There are reduced prices for school students and apprentices:
Wochentickets, MonatsTickets and the Schüler / AzubiAbo plus.

Further information in German

You need a customer card for these tickets that you can apply for from us with the appropriate evidence from your school or apprenticeship company:

Order form for a customer card

MobiTicket in the Soest district
People in receipt of benefits in accordance with the German Asylum Applicant Act can take out a cheap subscription with the MobiTicket. This subscription is available for your home location for as little as 22.50 euros a month.

Further information in German

Travelling without a ticket
Travelling without a ticket is expensive. You will then pay an increased travel price of 60 euros.